Picking Up The Slack

Hello friends from the Fold!

This is Althea Tedman, writing to you straight from her tiny computer where all the magic actually happens!

Its been a while since you’ve heard from us.

So usually, it’s my big sis who takes care of this stuff, writing cool e-mails and keeping you up to date.
Unfortunately she has a slipped disk and other, rather painful back problems, so she’s taking a well deserved break while she sorts herself out.

I’m not going to bore you with the details – though I would if they were gruesome – but the cool thing about all this is that she gets to test alternative procedures while I sit back and watch. She is allergic to pretty much every kind of medical procedure and has limited options, so no pain killers (sucks to be her) but its always interesting to see her experimenting, and learning new stuff.

One of those procedures is getting her back injected with Quinton water, to hydrate her poor old discs. It’s doing a world of good so far, though she still needs to rest.

Another one she did was having her Atlas popped back in place, to straighten out her spine and take of some of the pressure from her lower back.

The Atlas is the most superior cervical vertebra of the spine and it’s named that way because it holds up the skull.
It’s named after Atlas the Titan, condemned to hold up the celestial spheres for all eternity, who also played an important role in the life of Hercules.

The Farnese Atlas, the oldest known representation of the celestial sphere.

The story goes that Hercules asked Atlas to fetch the golden apples in Hera’s garden for him, holding up the skies in his stead – but with his new-found freedom, Atlas didn’t want to get back to work (lazy bum), and Hercules had to trick him back into holding them up again.

To be honest, I could go on forever about all the myths and amazing stories our ancestors left behind. Instead, I’d rather recommend Stephen Fry’s amazing book Mythos: The Greek Myths Retold.

Its a personal favourite!

Hopefully soon, my sister will be the one to writing to you, but in the mean time, I’ll be here picking up the slack.

Cheers my little Fold acolytes <3

S.A TEDMAN (Team PickingUpTheSlack Delacourt)

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