I’m Scared

Welcome back!

Its Sophia from Team Delacourt, and I’m freaking out right now.

As you can see below, I think I’m done with my recording chamber.

I have an awesome AT2020 USB microphone and stand, set up by my amazing Panda Brother and a new, non-squeaky desk chair. I ordered it from amazon, and built it myself. I’m very proud of it and it is incredibly comfortable.

Behind it, my DIY acoustic panels, or actually my “ask-Dad-to-build-them-for-me” acoustic panels, made with towels (mostly). As you can see, my cat approves.

I have everything I need to start recording. And I’m also completely terrified.

What if no one wants me to record their audio books?
What if they hate my voice?

What if I screw everything up?

Apparently, no one likes the sound of their own voice (I certainly don’t), it’s actually called “voice confrontation”, and this article goes into detail and explains why.

And its also normal to feel scared doing new stuff. But the truth is, if you want to get anywhere in life, and have any fun at all, you need to do new things. You have to “step out of your comfort zone”, etc.

Unfortunately, “stepping out of my comfort zone” feels pretty much like this to me.

This comic is just so painfully accurate.

And while I personally love doing new things, it doesn’t get any easier, no matter how many “new things” I try.

So there you are. Terrified, and excited, at the same time.
But mostly terrified, tbh, though I’m trying to focus on the “excited part”, and not overthink this too much. (I’m gonna ruin everything).

Talking about fear, I’ve just finished reading The Gift Of Fear by Gavin De Becker. Its about survival signals and trusting your gut instincts, your intuition, to keep you safe from violence and its a really good book that I totally recommend.

It really puts things into perspective. I mean, my voice isn’t going to get me killed. Its not that bad.

Or is it?

SO: What have you done recently that’s taken you out of your comfort zone? Do you freak out as much as I do, or is that just me? Do you have any good advice? Just send us a message at and let me know.

Take care,

Sophia (Team MyVoiceSucks Delacourt)

PS: Last time I talked about the cool hallucinogenic powers of anechoic chambers! If you missed it you can check it out here:

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