The Sound Of Silence

Hi! Sophia here from Team Delacourt!

Things never go exactly as planned, do they? Especially when you’re doing renovation in an old house.

I’m currently sitting here in my empty living room, having had my kitchen and tiles replaced while I was on holiday.
Truth be told, its not quite ready yet – which is why it’s mostly empty – but the worst is done.

The worst being actually destroying the kitchen that was there in the first place. It had been built with reinforced concrete, so things… didn’t go exactly as planned.

Christophe, a good friend of mine who was in charge of everything, actually phoned me while I was on holiday to tell me he’d never seen anything like it.

I am SO glad I didn’t have to deal with this myself.

So I have new tiles, a new kitchen, and I just need the wall and finishing touches done and I’ll actually be able to start enjoying it! I’m hoping that by Easter, everything will be ready. Please.

In the mean time, though, the echo is impressive and every time I sing I feel like an opera singer.

Which is not helpful for our recording of The Voice Of The Voiceless. I’ve been looking up diy acoustic panels, and trying to work out how I’m going to be able to make this flat reasonably decent when it comes to sound reflection, now that I’ve received my brand new AT2020 USB microphone and stand.

Its so exciting! I’ve learned a lot about acoustics. Did you know that humans don’t actually like the silence all that much?

The sound level in the quietest room in the world – the anechoic chamber at Orfield Labs in Minneapolis – has the Guinness World Record of -9 decibels. In comparison, a normal “quiet” room will average 30 – so that gives you an idea of just how quiet it is.

Nobody can stay inside that room for more than 45 minutes, apparently, and you can experience visual and aural hallucinations, too. I would personally love to try to beat that, to be honest. Though perhaps I should throw my noisy neighbour inside instead.

I do like silence, but perhaps absolute silence is a bit much. I often read with a fan on, personally, it reminds me of summer in my grand-mothers house, and I find it very relaxing.

And just as you develop hallucination powers in a anechoic chamber, this week there is a great Psychics/Sixth Sense Books giveaway going on!

You can check it out here:

So. How do you drown out the sound of your annoying neighbour? Do you turn a fan on, for that quiet, calming whir? Or do you wear headphones, as you call the police? How do you get rid of a body and incriminating evidence? Asking for a friend.

Please send us your thoughts at delacourtpublishingATgmailDOTcom or comment below!

Until next time.

Sophia (Team JustKidding Delacourt)

PS: If you missed our last exciting episode about our holidays in Malta and my sister’s Villanous Stowaway you can check it out here!

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