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Book 1 : The Voice Of The Voiceless
Elisabeth Delroy, Headmistress of the prestigious Delacourt Academy, has spent her entire existence desperately trying to fix the world, doing everything in her power to replace the actions of he who had been taken from it.
But it just isn’t enough, and she knows she is failing.
Until one night, when a beautiful creature, the Voice of the Voiceless, gives her one final mission: to save a child – yet to be born – and protect him until he comes of age. The one that has the power to bring him back, before the world falls apart.
The one that would be called… The Dreamwalker.

Book 2 : The Boy Who Forgot
Elisabeth Delroy has been looking for decades – to no avail. Her beautiful Alan is nowhere to be found.
Until one fateful morning when Alfred walks out of the forest carrying him in his arms, bloody, broken… and dying.
Now she is in a race against time, desperately trying to save him from the white magic filth poisoning him.
Only one person has what it takes to help her, but can she risk it all by contacting such a powerful member of the Black Rose?
And can she really stand for him to become… The Boy who Forgot?

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