I have to say, the world building in this book is a masterpiece. I fell in love with the characters and the overall story was terrific. (...) This author is what I would consider a master.

“If we do not fix what has been broken, time will disintegrate and humanity fall.”

All Adrian wants is to belong.

But as he prepares for his new life at the Delacourt Academy, a prestigious art school in London, he’s pulled into dreams of a mysterious man and a life that is not his own. And when he bonds with Alan, the son of the headmistress herself, he realises that he’s not the only one with visions he can’t explain.

While they struggle to piece together the life of a man who no longer exists, they discover an thrilling world of magic and immortality, and realise Adrien’s role to play could alter the fate of humanity itself.

But as his dreams drag him further away from all he knew, he starts to lose himself completely, and realises a horrifying truth: not only is the world far from what it’s supposed to be – fixing it will require him to sacrifice much more than he’d bargained for.

And if he doesn’t… time will disintegrate; and humanity, fall.

The Dreamwalker is a Young Adult Fantasy.

If you like a fast-paced read with time travelling, magic and immortality, then you will love the Dreamwalker.
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This is the first book of the Delacourt Chronicles. (Must be read in order)

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