Polar Vortex and The End of The World

Hello again!

Its February, and I am freezing my butt off here.

In fact, if this little guy here dies out on me, he’s taking me with him. This is all I have to heat my flat right now, as my central heating is out of order and needs repairing.

Please Dont Die

I can’t really complain though. America is dealing with a Polar Vortex right now, with temperatures close to -45°C (I mean like what is this? The North Pole?) and it sounds super intense.

I’ve seen pictures of it all over the internet, and even videos on “How to Protect yourself from the Polar Vortex”. People are being warned not to breath too deep so they don’t damage their lungs.

It kind of reminds me of The Day After Tomorrow, my favourite “end of the world” film of all time.

Lots of people love stories that portray the end of the world – whether in films or books – it doesn’t matter. As long as most of the world gets wiped out, and we follow the tales of the last few survivors, we love it!

But why? Why are we so obsessed with these end of the world scenarios?

Well, apparently, there are two main reasons. The first is that it breaks the mundane. It throws our lives into chaos, and who can resist a little excitement?
The second reason, and the one that I’m into the most, is really all about changing the world, and making a difference.

You could argue that we can change the world now. But everyone knows that that’s painfully slow, perhaps even quixotic. But in an end of the world scenario we get to imagine starting over, rebuilding everything from scratch (or almost).

And with all the sadness in the world right now, who doesn’t want to dream of a better, kinder world?

Reading personally helps me escape the nastiness. I forget everything, and lose track of time once I’m sucked into the vortex of a really good book, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

What about you? Do you use reading as a way to escape? You can find a load of free Sci-Fi and Fantasy books here, if you like!

And while I think its important for each of us to play our part and do our best to make the world a better place, I often find myself wondering what kind of society I would build if I had the chance and power to just start over. There would definitely be a lot of reading involved, as I think education is super important. But maybe I would just let the power go to my head and turn into a Evil Dictator.

I need to work on my Evil Laugh

What about you? How would YOU rebuild the world? Would you become a Benevolent Leader, and create a Utopian Paradise? Or rule the world with a Painful, Iron Fist? Just leave a comment below or send us a message at delacourtpublishingATgmailDOTcom and let us know. Whatever you choose, we still want you as a reader 😉 .

Sophia (Team PleaseHaveMercy Delacourt)

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