Why is everything so complicated?

Hello ! Its Sophia, from Team Delacourt.

Its been a while.

Amazingly, learning the skills required for a new job is incredibly challenging and time consuming, especially when your computer dies on you just when you need it most. (RIP my savings)

Everything is just so much easier in my head. Does that happen to you? You get excited about a new project, and in your mind its so… doable, and then you get down to work and everything is complicated and so much harder to do then you thought it would be.

Every. Damn. Time.

But hey. I worked it out. I learned to record and edit and my first auditions are uploaded and now I’m just waiting and crossing my fingers that I’ll soon get a contract !

The truth is, I just like doing new things, and thought this would be fun. And I also need these skills anyway for when we turn my sisters books into audiobooks. It’s a growing market…

I’ve been overdoing it, of course, so I’ve been on bed rest for a couple of weeks – doctors orders.

And what better opportunity to do some catching up?

Of course, Game of Thrones ended. That’s it – for now, at least – until they write a prequel or a spinoff or something.
I didn’t actually watch the series myself, as its too violent for my liking, but I did follow Arya’s story arc on youtube, and loved it. I tend to just read up on series so that I know whats happening, even if I don’t actually watch them.

Lots of people hated how the series ended, and there’s even is a petition going round, to create a better one. Millions of people have signed it!

That just goes to show that Tyrion was right. There’s nothing more powerful in the world than a good story.”

He was right about a lot of things. 

So now its over, what comes next ? Well, I definitely recommend Good Omens. I’ve just finished the 6 episode series (I am a big fan of Terry Pratchet, so I had read the book that it’s based on, of course).So Awesome.

Crowley and Aziraphael are amazing – and their bromance is epic.
I would definielty recommend seeing it if you haven’t done so already. And of course, read the book.

It makes me realise that my 3 and a half year-old Nephew hasn’t read any of them – probably because he can’t read yet.

He hasn’t read a single Harry Potter.
He hasn’t read the Agatha Christies, any of the Sherlock Holmes… Any of the classics, the timeless tales and stories we love so much.

He hasn’t seen the amazing series and films that we know and love… There is just so much out there, waiting to be seen and read by the new generation. I’m so excited for him!

And now of course, with audiobooks and ebooks, there’s even more.

SO: What are you looking forward to watching/reading these days? Did you like the ending of GoT? Have you seen Good Omens? Just send us a message at delacourtpublishing AT gmail DOT com and let us know. We always love hearing from you!

Until next time,

Sophia (Team ForcedHolidays Delacourt)

PS: If you missed my last post about Maltese Easter Traditions – recipe included – you can find it here!

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